Our primary objective is to develop solutions that are created and packaged according to your needs. We attend to all your business needs by visualizing which software works best for you by decreasing the effort and time consumed to manage your business. Through our customized solutions we significantly make your day to day operations a lot simpler. Whether you need a system to manage your accounts or need an automated e-mailing solution, we provide you whatever you may require. Investing in customized software development solutions reduces administrative costs and enhances productivity. We seek creative opportunities while identifying flaws in your present system. We place you apart from your competitors and recommend an ideal solution that will add value to your business.

Cis Live offers tailor made solutions to its clients to perfectly suit their needs and keep them ahead. We let our clients decide what's best for their business, with our inputs at all stages. It is only natural for smaller firms to not have the same requirements as larger ones. Therefore, our customized software development solutions let our clients choose the most efficient solution that suits their business needs.

Improve Turnover/Employee Ratio
Faster Descision Making
Centralised Security & Controls
Reduce Manual Process
Improve Customer Satisfaction
Removes Duplication of Tasks
Audit Trails
Profile Based Access to Information
Instant MIS Generation

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