Do I need a website if I already have a Facebook Page?

Many of you might be asking yourselves the same question on why do you need a website when a Facebook Page is for free? And yes, social media particularly Facebook offers business owners phenomenal opportunities to interact with new and existing customers, but is a Facebook Page really enough?

4 reasons why a website is crucial for your brand's online success:

1. A website shows professionalism and credibility

Owning a website shows that your business is credible and professional. In today’s tech-savvy society most customers will search for your business online to gain a better insight of the products and services you offer. If they search for you online to find you do not have a website this could have some serious credibility issues as they might begin to doubt the quality of your products and services offered and move onto a competitor.

2. Facebook is a social platform

While Facebook is a great social platform to engage with new and existing clients, it is a social platform after all therefore, posting continues status updates on your products and services could drive fans away from your page.

Another aspect to consider is that although you might have 3 000 followers, this does not guarantee that they will all see your business posts, as Facebook has introduced an algorithm approach, where they show the most relevant posts to people who interact with your brand through likes, shares and comments. This means that most of your posts are not being seen by the right people.

3. You will battle to rank on search engines

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial to attracting new clients to your business and you need a website in order to do SEO. SEO is the process where the content on your website is tailored to the exact kind of keywords your potential clients may be searching for, compared to a Facebook Page that is limited in this aspect. While social networks such as Facebook do play an important role in SEO they do however need a website to drive traffic back to therefore you still need this foundation to start.

4. Facebook has no individuality

Yes, you may be able to post unique images and content on your business Facebook Page, but does this really give your brand the originality to set it apart from competitors? A website, on the other hand, gives customers the full brand experience from detailed and tailored content to original brand design.

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