What are the Most Common Mistakes?

Before beginning your custom software development project, it’s imperative that you know and understand the most common mistakes made in the development process. By becoming familiar with these mistakes before the initiation of the project, you will be better able to avoid making the same ones. According to professionals in the industry, the failure to effectively manage all of the elements of the software creation project is the top mistake made in custom software creation.

Some of the other common mistakes to be avoided include the following:

1. The requirements of the program are not accurately defined by the involved parties.

2. Potential threats that could impact the success of the software project are not clearly identified before the start of the project. As a result, contingency planning is insufficient.

3. The process of analysing the critical path of the software is either executed in an extremely poor fashion or completely omitted from the project.

4. There is no tracking procedure put in place to gauge the success of the project.

5. The data obtained is not enough for the development of the program, or is not appropriately understood.

6. There is no quality assurance team to ensure that all of steps of the software development program are carried out successfully from start to end.

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